Master of Professional Studies 

Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

  TISCH School of the Arts 

New York University

New York, NY MAY 2018

Bachelor of Arts

 Film & Media Studies ­

University of California, Irvine JUNE 2015




MAY 2018, IMVII,

(Immersive Music Visual Instrument Installation.)  Composer, Performer, Designer, Developer. 

I created a system to seamlessly integrate visuals, music and sensory depth data for an immersive experience.  The performer conducts by moving in a space to generate music and projected visuals.

-March 2018 Performed at NYU Steinhardt Recital Room

-Featured for ITP Thesis 2018

-Performed as Beautiful Question for collaboration at NYU Tisch Dance Shift Show 2018

-Featured at ITP Spring Show 2018

-May 2018 Performed as IMVIIvIX at Algorithmic Composition Show at ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn, NY 



MAY 2018, IMVIIvIX, Performance.  Position: Composer, Keyboards, System, Projectionist.  Featuring Henrikke Boger and Sarah Amores from NYU TISCH MFA DANCE Department.  Performed at ISSUE Project Room in Brooklyn, NY for the Algorithmic Composition Show.  

MAY 2018, 2nd Avenue NYU Tisch School of the Arts Dance Department Annual Shift Show 2018.

Performed an Interactive Installation with four projectors, screen, piano, sound system and audience interactions. The piece, "Beautiful Question" by Brandon Kader, Chian Huang, (ITP), Henrikke Boger, Sarah Amores (Dance).

DECEMBER 2017, MusicVisual Scrolls, MusicVisual Instrument Installation. Composer, Performer, Designer, Developer. 

Sensors embedded in translucent fabrics are suspended as open scrolls by tall stands.  A paintbrush explores a dream like sequence with composed sounds and generative visuals projected on fabrics.  Performed at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME Show) and Featured in ITP Winter Show.  NYU TISCH ITP, New York.      


May 2017, Touch-Free Music, Interactive Installation.  Composer, Designer.  A touch-less gesture using computer vision presence detection to perform music and visuals simultaneously.  Featured in ITP Spring Show.  NYU TISCH ITP, New York.  

May 2017, Piano-Sail, Performance Installation.  Position: Composer, Performer.  

An interactive performance of live music and visual image processing with a wind sculpture of a grand piano hood represented by a fabric blowing in the wind.  Performed at Live Image Processing and Performance Show.  NYU TISCH ITP, New York.

March 2017, Alyse Fairy Dance Tale, Animation Scene.  Artist, Composer.  

An animation using Unreal Engine to simulate a dancer in a 3-Dimensional World.  NYU TISCH ITP, New York.     

December 2016, Inspireable, 4 minutes. Position: Artist, Programmer.  

I composed music to be visualized on an HTML canvas using a javascript library (p5.js.)  The visual is composited with video and abstract shapes animated by the sound’s frequency spectrum.  NYU TISCH ITP, New York.

December 2016, Trump Case, Installation.  Position: Artist, Programmer.  

An art-installation built to display the conspiracies in media concerning the election of President Trump.  A suitcase features a built in monitor that loads and plays a video clip applicable to conspiracy.  NYU TISCH ITP, New York.    

June 2015, Azure, Short Film, 6 minutes. Position: Auteur Filmmaker.

An experimental art film featuring layering and compositing of chess piece images over actors / dancers in a dream like setting accompanied by poetic voice over dialogue and original score. Created for final project, UC IRVINE, California.

May 2014, Glamour, Music Video, 3 minutes. Position: Artist / Filmmaker.

Self ­produced music video featuring a song I wrote and produced. An Auteur experience, I created the digital art I used to layer blend and composite with video. Irvine, California.

May 2014, Azure Title Sequence, 4 minutes. Position: Editor / SFX Design.

Title sequence for final project. Irvine Valley College, California.

May 2014, Do It!, 2 minutes. Position: Animator.

Kinetic typography project for Animation Course. Irvine, California.


April 2013, Dinner for Infinity, Short Film, 15 minutes. Position: Music Composer.

Composed opening title music for an independent film. Irvine, California.


June 2012, A3SE1LA CELESTIAL EP, Music Album. Position: Artist.

Wrote, composed, mixed, engineered music. Performed at an album release. Designed Album artwork and promotional materials for marketing. Booked, managed and coordinated coverage for live event and performances. Irvine, California.


January 2012, Project: PURE, Hotel amenities line. Position: Graphic Designer.

Designed logos and graphics for shampoo, conditioner and lotion bottles for the use in hotels manufactured by weaves of asia. Manila, Philippines.


October 2010, A3SE1LA AUDIO SECRETS LP, Music album. Position: Artist/Producer.

Wrote and produced music for my solo artist music project. Coordinated material to be distributed via online retailers such as itunes and Los Angeles, California.


November 2009, Five Star Fightwear, Shirt Designs. Position: Graphic Designer.

Illustrated and designed prints for silk screen fashion line. Costa Mesa, California.


June 2008, Azure, Screenplay, 86 pages. Position: Writer.

Feature length­ screenplay drama, fantasy set in a surreal world, A romeo and juliet like romance occurs between the central protagonist and antagonist. An ensuing war fought with musical instruments. Warner Springs, California.


November 2006, Script to Screen, Production. Position: Production Assistant.

Worked as a production assistant on location and in studio shoots. Orange County, California.


April 2005, ­ Alias Aesthetics, Fashion. Position: Founder, Creative Director.

Photoshoots, live events, promotions, modeling, designed silkscreen prints for men’s and women’s fashion line. Graphic designer for promotional materials, advertising, marketing and coordinated activities with campus clubs and entertainment companies. UC IRVINE, California.

April 2003 -­ Present, A3SE1LA, Art/Music. Position: Composer/Auteur.  

Musician, writer, digital art, performance, designer.  California - New York.