by Brandon Kader

A contemporary music composer/visual artist with a surreal celestial aesthetic, performing as A3SE1LA (a-say-la).

Inspired by the peace of silence. A3SE1LA pronounced (a-say-la) is an acronym for: All 3nvision Surreal Enlightenment 1n Love’s Ambiance. It is derived from the Hebrew ‘selah,’ a musical direction for pause, the Arabic ‘salah’ for prayer, the silence to symbolize a reverence for the divine influence in music and ‘La’ the sixth note of the fixed-do solfege. ( “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between” -Mozart ) I am a pause, a peace in sound, a silence, -A3SE1LA.

The essence of dream, the dynamic nature of film score, and music that finds its place between dreams, storytelling and waking life. Sonically influenced from dream pop, new wave, shoegaze, dance, pop, cinematic score and the gems throughout the decades that resonate within his soul. His practice seeks the soundtrack to our lives, how ambiance and storytelling drive the impulses for sonic qualities that evoke ethereal moods. What would it sound like to be materialized into a constellation of mythical proportions and experience this world as your own concurrently with reality?